Birthday in Rome

I finally turned 30 the 9th of march, and got a surprise weekend trip to beautiful Rome! I’ve always wanted to travel to Rome, and actually Rome was the top of my lift of cities I wanted to celebrate my birthday at. I’ll never forget this trip ever and I really got the best birthday ever. I don’t want to get in to details, but the memories will always stay with me. Pictures of my loved ones are private, but I’ll share some of the best places in Rome for a first timer.

Top things to do in Rome

The best hotel

Le Splendid is really a romantic hotel with a one star Michelin restaurant and a really beautiful view over Roma.

The hotel has a perfect placement near to the famous Spanish Steps just 10 minutes in walking distance. The breakfast here is amazing!


Best restaurant

Rome is full of overprized restaurants and cafees, and good food is kind of hard to find. You’ll have to go outside the tourist places and into the locals to find the best. For example, you have to find a local pizzeria to taste the best pizza for a cheap price.

For my birthday I got a surprise dinner we went to Imago, a one star Michelin restaurant. A perfect view over Rome, excellent service and over all a beauitful restaurant. The beef and dessert here was really good.


Best thing to see

My favorite was the Vatican museum, which is in the smallest state in the world; The Vacitan City. Here you’ll see artwork from Michelangelo and there’s enough art to see for years. The pope’s home is huge and you’ll have to spend hours staying here.


Best shopping

Rome’s city centre is full of shopping streets, and you have everything from Via del Corso and Via Condotti with luxury boutiques such as Dior and Louis Vuitton, and also boutiques such as Zara and H&M.

Milan ❤️


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