Fyn ❤️ Denmark

In may last year I went to a press trip* to a little hidden iceland in Denmark. Fyn is really a perfect getaway, either you want to go for a romantic weekend in the biggest city Odense, or just have a relaxing beach vacation for the summer in Sverdrup.

Fyn (Funen in english) is a small island around two hours from Copenhagen by train. The third largest island of Dennark is situaded by the island of Zealand and mainland Denmark.

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What really stood out was the gastronomic experience at the many gourmet restaurants. Travelling to Fyn just for the food is a good idea! The whole island are very into using local food, having organic focus in their menu. My best food experience has to be the Michelin restaurant Pasfall in the city Odense. The food is not only delicious but also a real treat to look at!

Organic food is a big trend in Fyn..and not to mention the chocolate. Konnerup sjokoladefabrikk is a joy for many locals and tourists visiting Fyn. Here you can see how the chocolate is handmade, and even taste a little bit if you want to. The chocolate fabric is also a small boutique and café.

Falsled Kro is like heaven, a local hotel and restaurant in the countryside Millinge. Headchef Per Hallundbæk serves beautiful dishes inspired by the danish and french cuisine. And sleeping here in this amazing property is so relaxing. The appletrees outside, the green landscape and fresh air. My room was also really “wow” and a whole lot Instagram-worthy!

The danish island is small enough so can experience the many cities in one week. I’ll recomend renting a car. Oh, and make sure to rent a bike when in Fyn in spring or summer. The island’s many small biking trails along the green landscape and ocean can’t be forgotten.

Top 5 things to do in Fyn:

  1. Sleep and eat at Falsled Kro
  2. Visit Egeskov Slot, the amazing castle that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Have a picnic here!
  3. Eat at Pasfall in Odense
  4. Visit the city Odense, the danish poet and author, H.C. Andersen’s birth city
  5. Sleep and eat at Stella Maris in Svendburg

*The press trip was with Visit Denmark and Visit Fyn

Xoxo Milan 💕

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