Trends: Fur jackets and how to style them

Autumn has just arrived and winter is on it’s way in a few months. A fur jacket is perfect to keep you both warm and stylish at the same time. Wear it to the office, or what about the the party you’re going to next weekend? Either you wearing it with a pair of denim jeans or the little black dress – it doesn’t matter. It makes any outfit much more glamours.

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The fur jacket matches everything and comes in different colors and patterns, although I recommend highly to wear one in faux fur, but that is up to you.

Stylish fur jackets

Green jacket
12.555 NOK –

IRO pink jacket
8.735 NOK –

AINEA faux fur jacket
4.365 NOK –

MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket
3.810 NOK –

Black jacket
1.080 NOK –

Racoon Fur Bordeaux
4.410 NOK –

Wearing basic clothing makes your jacket stand out more, you don’t really want to mix it with something in really bright colors or big patterns, do you? That can be a little too much.  This is how you can style your fur jacket with a pair of denims:

How to style a fur jacket.

Brown crop top
235 NOK –

Fur jacket
1.080 NOK –

AG Adriano Goldschmied blue denim jeans
1.970 NOK –

Slim boots
760 NOK –

15.505 NOK –
And this is how you get the perfect party outfit with the fur jacket:
How to style a fur jacket.

Topshop brown tank
280 NOK –

Fur jacket
12.555 NOK –

By Malene Birger skirt
4.700 NOK –

High heels stiletto
110 NOK –

//Milan Botani


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