Milan Fashion Week: Versace’s sexy army and peshmerga

Donatella Versace really celebrates women on her fashion debut for SS 2016. She showed us that khaki green is here to stay, and the military style is still trendy. How can empowering women go out of trend?

Peshmerga women

The kurdish women fighting against the terrorists IS  are a symbolof feminsm all around the world. Is it possible Donatella Versace had these Kurdish women as inspiration? These peshmerga soldiers(peshmerga means “one who confronts the death”) are risking their lives and are in war with IS on daily basis in order to protect their country, their countrymen – and let’s not forget: the rest of the world.

Versace’s military debut for spring/summer 2016 really reminds me of these Kurdish feminists.

Khaki green and Leopard

Big belts, military jackets with big pockets, round handbags as well as big clutches. This is what you’ll expect to see next year. Not only was the khaki green the theme color, but the leopard pattern is still hot – of course in yellow, purple and green.

Here is my favorites from the show:


PicMonkey Collage



//Milan Botani

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