Europe’s best cities

Europe has a lot of charming cities rich on history and full of life.  Regardless if you’re going on a weekend trip, romantic get away or alone – here’s the best cities you should visit in Europe:

Romantic Paris


A trip to Paris is a must in your bucket list. There’s a lot of reasons why you should visit the city of love, and romantic is one of them. It’s not only the Eiffel tower that is a must-see when in Paris. See the Mona Lisa-painting at the  Louvree museum, or just see the wonderful architecture outside(the queues can be way too long).

If you’re interested in shopping, Paris is kind of the right place to be. The famous street Champ Elysee is full of boutiques – but most of them is high class fashion stores. If you want to shop at more department stores, then take the subway to Esplanade de La Défense and walk to the shopping center Les Quatre Temps with 250 stores and restaurants.

One thing France is known of is their sweets macarons. They’re not only delicious, but also comes in wonderful pastel colors – a must to try when in Paris! If you’r at Champ Elysee and see a long queue outside a café, it’s probably the city’s most popular macaron-café at La Durée. Bon Apetit!

Paris is like a huge country with new things to discover at all times. Interested in walking and seeing on of Europe’s most beautiful gardens? See the garden of Luxemborg. It’s breathtaking.

Hectic London


Oh London, London..what’s not to like about this wonderful city? Amazing shopping opportunities, vibrant nightlife, nice buildings, lots of museums and always something to do – and always something new to find.

If you already done the touristy stuff like seeing the Big Ben, London-eye, Buckingham Palace, and shopping at Oxford Street, then be ready to see other hidden places.

A trip to London’s China Town is a experience itself – and mostly because of the many good Asian restaurants. Eat delicious Chinese at HK diner (roasted duck!) or Taiwanese at Leong’s Legends.

Get a lifetime experience and go see the Michael Jackson musical “Thriller” at London West End or “The Lion King” at London Lyceum Theatre. Book tickets here.

By the way, vintage shopping in London is a must. Check out the best secondhand shops and boutiques here. 

Be aware the weather in London is most of the time rainy, so bring your umbrella – even in summer!

Beautiful Copenhagen


Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s smallest country with only 1.2 million citizens. It’s the only flat country too, so don’t be expecting to see mountains and fjords here (Norway and Sweden is good for that). The danish capital is known for being a “bicycle city” , so rent a bike and make sure to ride around the city for the best experience! If you’re here in summertime, take a trip to their famous amusement park; Tivoli. It’s quite beautiful and romantic during nighttime.

You wanna go shopping? Copenhagen have good shopping opportunities with both exclusive and department stores. Near Grønnegate you’ll the see the colorful houses  – and boutiques of course. Go to Kronprinsens gate – the street which is known for being “The fashion street”. This street has a lot of independent designers, so if you wanna see the next hot Scandinavian designer – then this is the place to see it. Get some cheap hipster clothing at the Latin Quarter, or some antiques maybe?

Colorful and hippie Amsterdam


If you think that Copenhagen is the “Bicycle city”, then you haven’t seen Amsterdam yet! They say that all dutch people are born with a bicycle, and that saying might be true when you visit the city.  Let’s say they sleep, eat and repeat on their bicycles! Is also an old city and most of the architecture is from the 17th century. The charming streets is filled with cozy cafes, boutiques and restaurants that will make you wanna visit the city again and again.

Amsterdam’s many shopping streets is really good, and kind of reminds of Paris when you walk from the Kalverstraat  and to the dam square. A vibrant nightlife makes you wanna dance all night – or just take a beer or two, or three or four or five…

The nightclubs is really different from eachother. There’s the big ones with several floors, like Paradiso(Amsterdam’s most famous club) or the small ones you’ll see in almost each corner.

You will definitely fall in love with Amsterdam and wanna go back again.

Historical Prague


Prague has a lot of history, and you’ll see that in every corner of the city. The best of the city is that it’s one of Europe’s cheapest cities! You’ll for example get three drinks for 8 euros which is the same price for 1 in Paris. You’ll just have to be careful not to be fulled by the taxi drivers – so if you think it’s expensive for being Prague then it probably is.

Take a long walk at Prague’s famous bridge, Charles Bridge. This is a historical bridge from 1357 that crosses the Vltara river. Here the statues of the different Christian Saints is considered to be really holy ( 30 of them) and tourists often declare their love to each other by locking a “lovelock” to the bridge and throwing the key over the river.

Another must is the St.Vitus cathedral – the architecture and the beautiful jewelry inside is breathtaking. When you walk back to the city center from the cathedral, you’ll see long stairs that walks you down to the nearest bus stop, and as you’re walking the beautiful view of the city is in front of you. A total picture moment!

The shopping centers in Prague is the best shopping opportunities, for example the Palladium. But, near the famous, big astronomical watch(another must-see), you’ll also find a long marked street with things life jewelries, souvenirs and what the Czech Republic is known for: Crystals. You’ll find crystal bowls, crystal chandeliers, crystal salt and pepper shakers – everything ! Prague is a magic city – both day and night. Be aware that smoking inside is very normal here – even inside night clubs!

So which city is your next destination?

//Milan Botani


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