Aloha O’ahu

Hawai’i is a paradise everyone should put on their bucket list. Living there for 4 months made me really fall in love with the Island, and I’ve never met so many great people at one place or seen so many beautiful places and nature.

When I came back from Hawai’i to Norway, I promised myself to travel back as soon as possible. Unfortunately I haven’t yet, but I constantly see pictures from Hawai’i to take me back to one of the best experiences of my life.

Here’s my best tips to the paradise island:

Top 3 beaches:

Hawai’i is full of beautiful beaches and it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Crystalclear water, beautiful white sand, and the fresh salt water. And let’s not forget: the many palmtrees surrounding the beaches. When you’re in Waikiki ( the central of Honolulu), you’ll probably see the long beach right next to the streets.

This is Waikiki Beach – and another name for the tourist beach. Although it’s difficult not to see any tourists anywhere in Hawaii, Waikiki is the definitely the place where it’s packed with tourists. Waikiki beach is beautiful as well, but there’s other ones you should make sure to visit:

1.Hanauma Bay


This is kind of a “sacred” beach – because you really have to be careful not to touch or feed the fishes! This beach is around 30 minutes from Waikiki, and it costs about 7 dollars do get access. This is the best water to go diving and see turtles!

2.North Shore


If you really want to meet the pro surfers then North Shore is the right place. The waves here can get really high and strong – so be careful if you gonna take a swim here. Wanna go surfing? It’s alright to surf here if you know what you’re doing, but if you’re inexperienced or need to learn surfing, then I’ll suggest to do that on another beach. North Shore also have the turtle bay where you can actually see turtles on the beach.

3.Lani Kai


Lani Kai has the most clear and turquoise water from all the beaches in Oahu.  This picturesque Lani Kai Beach means “heavenly beach” and it really is a peace of heaven and a hidden paradise on the island. It’s known for the whitest, softest sand and aqua blue sea. It has some beautiful coral reef patches and is a good spot for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking with views of the Mokulua Islands.

See the fireworks at Ala Moana Beach

Every friday you can see firworks on Ala Moana Beach – it can’t be anymore romantic than that!

Shop till you drop

Waikiki has many good shops – all from department stores to more exclusive ones. But if you wanna experience a bigger center, then go to Ala Moana Mall. Here you’ll also find a huge food court with delicious food from pizza to thai food.

Party all night

On the Waikiki strip you’ll find many nightclubs, but one that stands out is Rumfire – which is a restaurant/bar at daytime and part of the Sheraton hotel. Here the drinks are more expensive, but it’s totally worth it when you have the beach in front of you, two pools and romantic vibes.

Book a hotel/hostel in central Waikiki

Luxury: The royal Hawaiian

Budget: Polynsian Beach Hostel

//Milan Botani

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